Register or renew your registration today!

Every year you must renew your registration to receive your tags on time to avoid having your registration suspended.
It’s such a hassle missing work because of the long wait times at the DMV.

NOW you can get your registration and/or renewal and sticker done in a few minutes!

Documents Needed:

Valid ID.
– Registration Card.
– DMV Letter.
– Auto Insurance.
– Smog Check (Test Only, or STAR).

The CA DMV will send you a renewal notice before your registration’s expiration date. The notice will include:

– Tag expiration date
– Vehicle information
– Renewal fees
– Emission requirements
– Delinquency fees:
―Must pay all delinquency/ ticket fees listed on your renewal letter before renewing your registration.

Title Transfer – New Vehicle Owner

What is a Title Transfer?

You bought a new or used vehicle—so you need to make a change of ownership to update information at the DMV- called a certificate of title transfer.

A California certificate of title transfer may also be used when a family member inherits a vehicle, a vehicle is bought on credit or paid off and the lien holder needs to be added or removed, , or a co-owner’s name needs to be added or removed.

We can now help you determine if you need to have a smog check or pay transfer taxes and fees!

Documents Needed:

– Signed Title—mileage, odometer, & signatures Or Bill of sale.
– Smog Check (Test Only, or STAR).


Lost your Plate/Sticker/Title?

Duplicate Registration Documents (Stickers/Plate/Card) Here!
If you realize you don’t have the license plate, stickers/tags, or registration card, no need to worry!

We can help you

– Duplicate of California Title.
– Replace your Plate.
– Duplicate Registration/Sticker.

Depending on the exact circumstances, other documents that may be needed include:

– California Driver’s License or ID Card.
– Proof of Ownership.
– Smog Check – Test or STAR (Depending on Vehicle).
– Remaining Plates, Registration Card, etc.